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SurfPrep Product Guide

SurfPrep’s award winning sanding system is now available at the Holdahl Company. SurfPrep’s sanding system can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars a year through eliminating 50-70% of hand sanding, reducing electrical bills and longer lasting products.

Foam Abrasives

SurfPrep Foam Abrasives

Eliminate Hand Sanding

SurfPrep's foam abrasives can save you time and money by eliminating 50-70% of hand sanding.

Foam abrasives are soft and flexible allowing the abrasive to contour to profiles without cutting or burning through lines or finishes. SurfPrep's foam abrasives will not load or pill. Work that previously required hand sanding can now be done with foam abrasives and a sander.

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SurfPrep Sander

Award Winning Sanders

SurfPrep makes some of the best sanders available and have won awards for innovation and productivity. With hardened japanese internals and nylon composite bodies, their sanders are both durable and lightweight. SurfPrep's ergonomic design gets your hand close to and directly above the sanding surface for added control. SurfPrep has a 1 year warranty on all sanders.

SurfPrep electric sanders are brushless and energy efficient. Because the sanders are brushless they run cool, won't create sparks and have a 2,000 - 3,000 hour rating. The electric sanders only require 350 watts and 3 amps, which is far less than most electric sanders. The low wattage/amp usage of the electric sander can save you hundreds of dollars a year and enable you to use more sanders on the same circuit.

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Air Sander and Electric Sander Comparison

Film, Paper and Screen Abrasives

SurfPrep Abrasives

Durability and Performance

SurfPrep's abrasives use the highest quality materials available to ensure they are as durable and high performing as possible. SurfPrep abrasives have been rigorously tested to ensure that they outlast the competition. SurfPrep's screen abrasive is not only long lasting, but it is incredibly strong! We challenge you to rip your next sheet or disc of SurfPrep screen abrasives.


While SurfPrep's foam is excellent for finish sanding, these abrasives are excellent for a more aggressive cut and flat sanding. Still want to contour to profiles like you can with the foam abrasives? No problem, simply attach an interface pad to your sander.

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LED Inspection Light

SurfPrep LED Inspection Light

Light it Up

Save valuable time and money by speeding up production and avoiding rework due to imperfections with SurfPrep's LED inspection lights. Our collection of SurfPrep inspection are designed to shine on your work horizontally, which allows you to see imperfections while you work. These lights are spark proof, shock/vibration resistant and have LEDs that can run for 30,000 - 50,000 hours.

SurfPrep's LED inspection lights have a 2 year warranty.

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LED Light Testimonial

Vortex 2-Person Vacuum

SurfPrep Vacuum

Clean Sanding at its Best

SurfPrep’s Vortex Vacuum System is unlike anything on the market today. These are the perfect solution for dustless sanding, dust extraction and cleanup. The lightweight 15 gallon unit is portable, with a tough impact-resistant poly tank. All components are built to SurfPrep’s highest quality standards to ensure long life and extreme durability for industrial environments. Each vacuum system comes with 2 pneumatic couplers and 2 electric ports and is built to support 2 sanding operators. These systems are meant to be customized for any sanding operation depending on a user’s needs.

SurfPrep stands by a 20 year manufacturer warranty on all vacuums.

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Vacuum Overview

Ball Swivel Air Hose

SurfPrep LED Inspection Light

No More Air Leaks

Air leaks can be frustrating and expensive. SurfPrep has designed their Ball Swivel Air Hose to avoid air leaks and save you money.

SurfPrep's Ball Swivel Air Hose have an ergonomic, lightweight connection to the sander and never needs to be disconnected from the tool. The hose's ball swivel joint at the connection to the sander greatly reduces the strain on the hose and the risk of an air leak. The hose is oil resistant and as a result can be lubricated through the opposite end of the hose. Because the hose never needs to be disconnected from the sander, the bearings are not going to become worn out and air leaks will be avoided.

Air leaks can cost shops hundreds of dollars a year in electrical expenses. Try a SurfPrep air hose today and eliminate air leaks.

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