Formica / Mouse / 00928 / ColorCore2 Designer / Matte Finish (58)

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 Formica / Mouse / 00928 / ColorCore2 Designer / Matte Finish (58)

ColorCore®2 Laminate

Color Through Laminates by Formica Group

Basic, affordable materials like ColorCore®2 Laminate can be used in highly creative ways to transcend their fundamental practicality. Now more versatile than ever, ColorCore®2 Laminate offers an assortment of inspiring solid colors and patterns that go all the way through—so there’s no dark edge.

Melamine-impregnated decorative surface papers are combined with specially formulated resin-treated kraft paper and consolidated in a press at high pressures. The sheet back is sanded to maintain a uniform thickness and facilitate bonding.

ColorCore®2 by Formica Group is made of different resin, which causes a slightly different hue from its corresponding standard High-Pressure Laminate (HPL). This color difference does not constitute a defect. Standard HPL and ColorCore®2, are considered to be coordinating rather than exact matches to each other.

ColorCore®2 by Formica Group is available as Formica Infiniti® ColorCore®2 with attributes such as a soft-to-the-touch, super matte finish, fingerprint resistance and built-in antimicrobial surface protection.



  • Impact Resistant
  • Horizontal Vertical
  • Stain Resistant

Matte Finish: A finish that imparts a warm, pleasing effect that enhances the beauty of color and produce a greater clarity and depth. Recommended for horizontal and vertical interior applications.