• John Boos Maple Backsplash
  • John Boos Maple Backsplash
  • John Boos Maple Backsplash

John Boos Maple Backsplash, Oil 48"x4"x3/4"

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John Boos Maple Backsplash, Oil 48"x4"x3/4"

Backsplashes provide a decorative accent and protection where the coutner meets the wall. John Boos' backsplashes are designed to complement John Boos butcher block countertops.

Northern Hard Rock Maple

Northern Hard Rock Maple is the strongest and most dense of all species of maple. Used primarily for furniture and flooring, Northern Hard Rock Maple makes a great, affordable kitchen countertop.

Natural Oil / Cream Finish

The Oil Finish is food safe and designed for the working chef’s kitchen. Whether used on a countertop or cutting board, the oil finish is intended to be used for a cutting surface. The oil finish has a natural matte appearance that helps to protect the wood from moisture and humidity exchange. With proper care and maintenance your natural wood surfaces will be beautiful and functional for years to come


  • Width: 4"
  • Length: 12" - 145"
  • Thickness: 3/4"
  • Material: Northern Hard Rock Maple
  • Finish: Oil/Cream with Beeswax
  • Wood Style: Edge Grain Construction
  • All Full Length Rails (Not Blended)
  • Made In The USA